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Crack Routing and Crack Sealant

Crack Routing and Crack Sealant
Crack router machine can be used for routing the crack on the asphalt pavement, then it must clean the debris in the crack to make sure the crack sealant can keep strength and last long time to use. Crack sealant shall be heated and applied within the applicable specified temperature ranges and in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. The heat transfer oil in the melting kettle shall not be heated in excess of 50C above the safe heating temperature. Routed cracks shall be filled with crack sealant such that upon cooling, the filled crack is as shown on the drawings.Excessive crack sealant shall be removed from the pavement surface immediately following application. 
The most important is that traffic shall be kept off sealed cracks until the crack sealant has cured. At locations such as intersections where this is not practical, the Contractor shall prevent tracking by applying a blotting agent to the crack sealant. When a blotting agent is used, it shall not be applied until the sealant has cooled sufficiently to prevent inclusion of the blotting agent into the sealant. If you have any question about road repair, welcome to contact Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Company, we will reply you as soon as receive your inquiry. 

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