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Crack Sealing of Paved Roads

Crack Sealing of Paved Roads
Crack sealing services to the road miantenance and proper maintenance will significantly lengthen the life of our pavement system, but eventually rehabilitation or reconstruction is required. In many situation, there are more than one technique or combination of techniques will be used to solve a specific problem. 
There are five basic maintenance operations used to care for asphalt pavement surfaces: 
1.Deep patching, which consists of the excavation and reconstruction of fairly contained areas. 
2.Skin patching, a surface repair for distortion, wear, settlement, and extensive surface damage. This may include excavation and repair, leveling course and overlay. 
3.Crack Sealing, which refers to a repair of cracking in the pavement. This include filling the crack with a hot bituminous material after the crack has been heat-lanced or blown free of debris and moisture. 
4.Chip Seal, a repair process selected when the deterioration of the surface has gone beyond repair with crack sealing. This consists of placing an emulsified asphalt on the surface and covering it with a clean, angular, uniformly-sized aggregate. 
5.Rehabilitation – reconstruction, consisting of the repair and complete rebuilding of the subgrade and wearing surface. 
Crack sealing in pavement before the cracks can develop into potholes is one of the most effective means of maintain paved roads and extending service life for the least cost. It is very important that it be done properly and promptly. Timely repair of asphalt pavement defects will have an important impact on cost reduction, as once a region is open to water, it can lead to greater failure.

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