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Cutting Tips By Using Crack Router Machine

Cutting Tips By Using Crack Router Machine
When cutting concrete flatwork, a few rules of thumb ensure a successful job. 
First, when wet cutting turn water on before the blade contacts the concrete and maintain adequate flow throughout the cut. Visually check to make sure water reaches both sides of the blade. Problems can occur if the water tube becomes clogged or broken and water does not flow to the blade as it should.
Second, adjust the cutting depth so that the blade does not cut into the subbase. Abrasive particles in the subgrade can cause undercutting of the blade. 
Third, maintain a steady, even feed pressure. Avoid twisting the blade in the cut or forcing it beyond its capacity. You can tell that you are forcing the blade by a change in the sound of the saw and a decrease in engine speed. Also, letting the blade spin in the cut harms the blade, causing diamonds to come loose.
Last, don't stand to the side of or in front of the machine during operation; remain behind the saw. Wear safety glasses, hearing protection, hard hat, and safety shoes. Dry-cutting operators should also wear respirators.
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