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Description of Crack Router Machine

Description of Crack Router Machine
Crack router machine relates to a tool for a coal cutting, mining or road cutting machine, having a round-shaft cutter with a cutter head and a cutter shaft, where in a wear-protection disk is pushed on the cutter shaft, on whose upper side the cutter head rests, wherein the cutter shaft is inserted into a receiver of a cutter holder and is captively held therein, wherein an opposite side of the wear-protection disk is supported on a support surface of the cutter holder, and wherein the wear protection disk is maintained on the cutter holder, fixed against relative rotation, by at least one holding element.
Crack router machine can be used for repair the road and make road maintenance to keep the smooth of the road surface and extend the life of the road. Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. was found in 2008,mainly engaged in R&D and production of road construction and high-end road maintenance equipment, the products and services have covered in more than 100 countries around the world,provide the One-Stop solutions for customers.
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