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How to Repair Alligator Cracking

How to Repair Alligator Cracking
As the time goes by, there will be some cracks on the asphalt pavement. If you will ignore the cracks, it will bring damage to the pavement. If your asphalt pavement surface is in need of repair, There are some correct method about repair the asphalt crack. In general, each unique project is different, but follow this guide to help ensure your bases are covered.
First, Evaluate the Source of the Problem. To best determine the scope of required repairs, a contractor should evaluate the damage and diagnose the best repair options based on your needs and your budget.
Second, Evaluate the Sub-Base. Typically, alligator cracking is caused by damage or deterioration of the asphalt sub-base. Evaluating the installation of the sub-base and how to modify it appropriately is important.
Third, Remove Damaged Areas. If possible, an asphalt paving crew can remove the damaged section of asphalt and replace it with a properly installed sub-base and fresh asphalt surface.
Fourth, Repair the Entire Surface. In some cases, the best and most cost-effective choice is to replace the entire surface. This way the sub-base can be installed appropriately to ensure alligator cracking does not occur again. 
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