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Invention of Crack Router Machine

Invention of Crack Router Machine
The present invention relates to crack router machine generally, and more specically relates to a crack router machine which is light weight and attachable to various self-propelled construction vehicles for high-speed accurate cuts in asphalt, concrete, reinforced concrete and like road surfaces. Various road surface cutting apparatus are known for cutting or slotting asphalt, concrete and like road surfaces. For example, crack router KD-25 in Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. However, such road cutting apparatus do not effciently conduct substantial cuts quickly. Portable hand held cutting apparatus just do not have the size to support a power source or engine which can carry out large cutting tasks.
Self-propelled cutting or grooving machines are not portable, and therefore not compatible for use in a variety of cutting environments and jobs. Another problem With conventional road cutting apparatus is that the depth of the cut is sometimes inconsistent, particularly self propelled. Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co., Ltd has rich experience on the crack router machine, we can provide high quality machine with affordable price and comfortable service to help you choose the perfect crack router machine
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