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The Importance of Crack Sealing on the Asphalt Pavement

The Importance of Crack Sealing on the Asphalt Pavement
Crack sealing is a very important maintenance technique that is used to prevent water and debris from entering the pavement and to extend pavement life by minimizing crack growth. Manual crack sealing is an expensive procedure that is labor intensive and hazardous. Automating the crack sealing will improve work efficiency and decreases labor cost. 
There are four main components of a crack sealing machine: image acquisition, crack map detection, path planning, and sealant application. Automation of crack map detection for the crack sealing machine has been a challenge. In contrast to the requirements for pavement-distress-survey systems, automated crack-sealing machinery must accurately locate individual crack segments so that they can be processed effectively. Secondly, many crack map detection algorithms are not suited for the automatic crack sealers because these algorithms give crack map outputs that are not continuous paths. 
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