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The Quality of Equipment must be Consideration

The Quality of Equipment must be Consideration
As we all know, road rebuilding will spend more money than road maintenance, however, high quality crack sealing machine can repair the asphalt pavement more perfect, and extend the life of pavement. Using the right equipment is an important part of any crack sealing program. There are two major areas of consideration: crack preparation and sealant application. In the same way that a dentist prepares a tooth before fi lling a cavity, crews must prepare cracks to receive sealants. The better the preparation, the better the chance that the sealant will last and perform. Cracks must be free of all dirt, dust and debris. 
The sealant must have a clean, dry bonding surface. Surface preparation can be accomplished with compressed air and a simple blowpipe. This technique works well when the dirt is dry and not packed hard. If the cracks are filled with wet dirt, the dirt needs to be removed and the crack must be completely dried. An air compressor or a hot-air lance generating temperatures in excess of 2,000º F is the best tool. In simple terms, a heat lance uses hot compressed air that blows cracks clean while drying them out.
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