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To Prepare Asphalt Pavement For Cold Months

To Prepare Asphalt Pavement For Cold Months
Asphalt Pavement is a major component of the function and appearance of the city. It is important to pay attention to the protection of the asphalt pavement. In the cold winter, a few easy preservation tactics can help prevent potholes, cracks and pooling water. Here are some tips to protect the asphalt pavement.
First, you should clear the debris on the pavement. An accumulation of pavement debris -- such as loose aggregate combined with plant materials -- not only is unsightly but also hides perils, such as broken glass and surface damage. Regularly using a blower and sweeping pavement can prevent the cracks on the pavement. However, if debris accumulates, you allow water to sink into and destabilize the underlayment. This leads to buckling, potholes and sinking pavement.
Second, you should fill the cracks and holes in time. What appears to be a minor crack can become a major pathway for storm water to invade the underlying crushed rock supporting the pavement. A wet sub-base causes more cracks and holes, which lead to greater water damage. Furthermore, the asphalt becomes less capable of bearing heavy loads.
To summary, if you have any question about protect the asphalt pavement in the cold weather, please feel free to contact us now. Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Machine Co.,Ltd can provide you more professional advice about the protection of asphalt pavement.

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