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cement crack pouring sealant

Crack Sealing Machine, Road Cutting Machine, Maintenance Vehicle

cement crack pouring sealant

cement crack pouring sealant
High quality/hot patching of asphalt cement crack sealant, ingredients including synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber or mixed and add both asphalt cement and other modified materials.

Product Data


Suitable for the area / -20 ℃ to -40 ℃  asphalt concrete road, highway, such as cracks and joints of sealing the runway repair.

Application methods

PL -w sealant used crack sealing machine with add hot melt kettle or separate hot melt kettle for heating, hot melt kettle can continuous mixing function, and install a thermometer, achieve the construction temperature range before construction.

Physical characteristics and meet the technical specifications

Test project


technical requirements

PL - W
test results

Softening point




0.1 mm



Elastic recovery rate25℃




Liquidity 60℃




Asphalt adhesion degrees



Recommended construction temperature

180±5%  ℃

The highest temperature


The best construction seasons temperature

7-18℃During the spring and autumn


Cartons Packed: 16.7 kg/box, each tray in 60 boxes, each tray net weight is 1000 KG

Product Description

High quality/hot patching of asphalt cement crack sealant, ingredients including synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber or mixed and add both asphalt cement and other modified materials. Under normal temperature is solid block, after heated to melt into a super stretch and caking black colloid, able to effectively seal pavement cracks and joints, and long-term keep sealing effect; After completing the construction cooling 10 minutes can restore the traffic.

It is apply to the asphalt and concrete roads, highways, the runway, such as cracks and joint sealing village road repair.

Construction Requirements

Sealing crack and construction quality is a process of comprehensive shaping of many factors, every process should be in strict accordance with the requirements of construction. Pay attention to the construction process is wristlet for workers must wear gloves, wear labor insurance boots, reducing trousers, wear long sleeve shirt, to lay down their sleeves, and buttons to be buttoned cuffs, so as to avoid burns.

Ensure the pothole depth approach 1.5 centimeters

The harm of pothole depth is: because of less material usage, shrinkage in the winter environment, material under the action of tension, become very thin. The tyres under the action of repeated rolling at the same time, open a slot on one side of the aggregate is pressure to get loose, openings become very wide, the original binding wall crack in the solid material due to the loose of aggregate is useless. Pothole depth 1.5---2.0 cm, so we can ensure the winter stretch, there is enough material stretching.

Clean up filling pothole

Without high pressure gas cleaning material bonding on loose aggregate, the bond not firm, under the action of water, sand and gravel, wheel, materials binding off of the aggregate.

Heating cleaning

No pothole after high temperature baking, thoroughly remove moisture, cold asphalt aggregate combined with hot melt sealant directly, is easy to fall off.

Crack sealing operation

Surface material is too thick: due to the scraper thick smear layer in the surface, and at the bottom of the material is very light, so the surface of tire rolling force is very big, and the bottom material quantity is little, can't meet the effect of tension, cause the material is easy to be pulled out. Suggested crack seal material is a little lower than the road, so the tire will run less than material, at the same time because of the material itself is good bonding. It Can guarantee the sealing effect.

Cooling time

Construction temperature can be controlled at about 190 ℃, the temperature below the recommended sealant heating temperature range (190 ℃) lower limit, the sealant is very sticky, penetrating crack channel well, can't form a good seal. Part in some loss of the scene to see the edge of the material is very thick, and materials stacked together, this is because of the low temperature sealant, sealant illiquid, sealing rubber meets the road solidification time is too short. If the sealant temperature higher than the upper limit temperature requirements, may have sealant performance change, reducing coking, cohesive force. Heat sealing glue to the allowed temperature range, sealant various performance indicators to achieve the best condition, can give full play to the sealant has the best sealing effect.

Pavement surface temperature and the relation of sealant construction is an important factor to obtain good sealing effect. Sealant was injection to open a good tank, the liquid is a little longer time, can make the sealant through more crack down hole penetration, increase the bonding area. Because the road surface solidification speed of sealant meet cool faster than the hot pavement construction, therefore, to give full consideration to both relation, construction temperature is determined.

  • When the pavement temperature low to below 20 ℃, construction should be the set temperature to 190 ℃ high temperature rang
  • When the road surface temperature between 20 to 40 ℃, set construction temperature at 180 ℃.
  • When the road surface temperature more than 40 ℃, ambient temperature in the lowest part of the temperature range of 180 ℃。

After the rain, the road is already dry, still need to use a thermal lance baking, this is because there are many factors contributing to the source of the water, at the grass-roots level contains water, water, rain water or water from freezing and thawing excess water from the green belts along the fracture permeability, and the gap in the high pressure water along the crack of the vehicle rolling have been pumping out, causing sealant failure. Suggested that in the spring and autumn season construction, use special thermal spray gun, hot air temperature can reach 2000 degrees Celsius, instant cracks will dry out parts, and the notches and slots asphalt aggregate heated to ascend a molten state, can be hot and molten sealant, form a whole, resistant to moisture penetration at the grass-roots level

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