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DCF-450 pavement blower

Crack Sealing Machine, Road Cutting Machine, Maintenance Vehicle

DCF-450 pavement blower

DCF-450 pavement blower
DCF-450 pavement blower is a High Quality Cement Blower Products from China Doan ,it is used for paving the asphalt in the bridge or re-paving the concrete in the old workshop concrete pavement before, removing the cement laitance and flattened hair, also used for removing the leave hard ash in the construction process.

Product Data

  1. Main Technical Parameter



Overall Size
( L*W*H) MM


Net Weight(KG)


Blade Diameter(MM)


Blade Rotational Speed(RPM)


Blow-off Nozzle

Single Blow-off Nozzle, adjustable

Engine Model

Honda GX-270

Rated Power(KW)

9.0 HP

Blast Capacity(L)

6800 m³/H


80 KG

Product Description

Performance Feature

1. It is used for sweep and cleaning on the cement and asphalt pavement.  

2. The engine is import brand, Stable performance

3. The power balance of the wind blade is very excellently, which ensure the whole machine performance more stability. 

4. The blast capacity is very highly and excellent performance

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